Shuyu Lu
I am a Chinese living in the Western city. While absorbing and accepting the local life style day by day, I also am maintaining my own tradition. In the middle between the different cultures, I see them melding together. Living in the multi-cultures city Toronto, I strongly inspired by the complex, dynamic and exciting metropolitan life. I like to observed and investigate from my everyday life, the different cultures, the Fast Food Culture today, the conflict or/and coexist of the new and old...And these observations are mostly became my inspiration and eventually reflect in my textile work. Through my work I pursue to questioning about our identities, value, and the sense of belonging…
As a textile artist I use materials as the medium to visualize my concepts. Embroidery is the prolocutor of my art, not only because it likes my painting tools to visualized my ideas vividly; but also, the embroidery itself, expanding the opposite relationship –the handmade versus mass production, old versus new, oriental versus occidental, traditional versus contemporary, slow versus fast, etc. These contradictions match my concept about the different impacts from life.
To show a sense of humor through my art is an essential and I insist on since life has enough seriousness.