Shuyu Lu
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Welcome to the Village2010
My triptych Welcome to the Village deals with the concept of the term "Global Village". I stitched the chubby little Chinese kids onto the traditional French pattern-Toile de jouy. These kids are holding the flowers and fruits originally from the 60s & 70s Chinese propaganda with the bold colorful background, which representing the flourish future and the hope of the country.
In my work, I hand stitched the Chinese kids holding the typical Western fast foods in the picnic scenes of the machine print Toile fabric, to creates a "Let's play together"scenario- while harmony and awkward appear at the same time. My hand stitched pieces show the up-to-dated icons/objects combine with the Toile pattern, that allude the old VS new and handmade VS machine made relationship. My work attempted to questioning, what our treasure is and what we should treasure in this complex, excited and globalized world today.