Shuyu Lu
Dream a Little Dream-  Chroma/Hard Twist Fibre show at Gladstone Hotel 2010Dream a Little Dream- Lady Mouse got MarriedDream a Little Dream- The Cowherd & Weaver MaidDream a Little Cream-The Cowherd & Weaver MaidDream a Little Dream- The Monkey & the MoonDream a Little Dream- The Monkey & the Moon
Dream a Little Dream- 2010
When I was listen the folktales that told by my parent as the bed time stories when I was a kid, those exaggerated, surreal, mysterious and even scared scenarios are impressive to me and eventually I dreamed about it. I believe it was the very first experience of a wild imagination in my life. The different color of natural dye will allude the emotion of the different scenes. Moreover, since the folktalesf scenes are representing my imagination and dream, plus natural dyes always give the very soft tone, itfs perfectly matching the surreal and dream-like effect by showing the whole series in the same soft tone. In addition, using the embroidery hoop to frame the dream somehow remind me the North American souvenir„Ÿ dream catcher. It makes more sense since my work is intend to gcatchh my dream of the folktales.