Shuyu Lu
The Picnic No.01The Picnic No.01 (detail)The Picnic No.02The Picnic No.02 (detail)The Picnic No.03The Picnic No.03 (detail)The Picnic No.03 (detail)The Picnic No.04The Picnic No.04 (detail)The Picnic No.04 (detail)The Picnic No.05The Picnic No.05 (detail)The Picnic No.05 (detail)The Picnic No.05 (detail)The Picnic No.05 (detail)The Picnic No.06The Picnic No.06 (detail)The Picnic No.06 (detail)The Picnic No.06 (detail)The Picnic No.07The Picnic No.07 (detail)The Picnic No.08The Picnic No.08 (detail)The Picnic No.08 (detail)The Picnic No.09The Picnic No.09 (detail)The Picnic No.10The Picnic No.10 (detail)The Picnic No.10 (detail)
The Picnic-2012

Hand embroidery on Toile de jouy
The Picnic addresses the subject matter from today’s society with a sense of humor. I utilizes archetypal Chinese images and embroider them onto 18th century French Toile de jouy.The embroidered characters harmonize with the pattern yet they create awkward moments. Through my work, you can see the relationships between the handmade vs. mass production, old vs. new, east vs. west, traditional vs. contemporary and slow vs. fast.